What’s It Worth?

A sober alcoholic sat in a bar without a thought of alcohol. A normie of substantial means approached, drinking a drink, casually and controlled.

“Drink with me, friend.” The normie asked, not wanting to drink alone.

“I will not,” The alcoholic replied without a thought. Drinking was always the same for this person- it starts out fun and ends in disaster.

The normie, not wanting to be deterred countered, “What if I were to give you a million dollars, would you drink with me then?”

The alcoholic thought about how nice it would be to have such a large sum of money. A sober person could work a lifetime and never make a million dollars. The prospect was very enticing.

“A million dollars? You have yourself a deal!” The sober alcoholic said full of excitement.

But the normie had other designs, “How about one dollar? Will you drink with me for one dollar?”

The sober alcoholic was disgusted and insulted all at the same time. “Excuse me? What type of person do you think I am that I would trade my sobriety for a single dollar?”

The normie shot back, “We already know what kind of person you are, now we are simply negotiating terms…”

What is the price of your sobriety? Are you willing to negotiate?



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