Being Between Then and When

Meditating on being in the Now

Stepping away from the din and drudgery for 5 minutes of conscious breathing

Nothing else exists except for this brief moment

My presence grounded in the present

I take in deep breaths, considering each one

Fresh, clean and calming The fresh air is the secret sustaining substance that returns me to Now

I exhale, releasing the regret of the past and the anxiety of the future

In with the new and out with the old I recognize this moment perfect as it has been designed

This sacred time is exactly as it is supposed to be

I accept this gift as it was intended, becoming comfortable with just being here

The Universe wants me to be at equalibrium and peaceful

Balanced, centered and grounded

I gradually become willing to listen to the nothingness

I am protected and safe in the present

I choose to pause and become familiar with all that is around me

I am quiet and still

I am a part of

Whole and complete

Precariously perched on a stack of dimes in the eye of a tornado

I am calm amongst the chaos

I try not to fall into the past or lean too far into the future

I am serene as I go from here



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