Mirror Work: Day 19

Mirror Work: Day 19

Ushering in abundance as I remain open and receptive to all things Good. At work we have a theme we call “embrace change” that we use when the best laid plans go awry. We have our own little plans and designs, but we try to keep them liquid and adaptable. One of my mentors, reminds me, “make it a good day,” instead of telling me to have a good day. I try to be conscious of saying things like, “how did THE day treat you?” or “how did you treat THIS day?” I know the day is neither yours or mine. This day is it’s own entity and I have a choice to work with it or work against it. When I welcome each moment as it comes, I am nurturing my place in a broader circle. Everything that I experience becomes opportunity in its infancy.

Day 19 makes me a little sad thinking this exercise is coming to an end. The topic for today is Attidue of Gratitude. Something tells me that the author, Louise Hay, may have dabbled in 12 step recovery. Or maybe these are just universal spiritual principles appropriate for anyone seeking healing and balance. While I am not always “in” gratitude, I know the way out of self-pity is through a perspective shift and an internal change that allows me to be thankful for all that is, instead of bemoaning what is not. The Universe is generous and overflowing. Rarely does it look like I wanted. It almost never comes when I want it. But when I look at these gifts with excitement and wonder, I realize how blessed I truly am.
I say to myself:
“I am grateful for my beautiful smile. I am grateful to feel perfectly healthy. I am grateful for having a job to go to. I am grateful for the friends I am going to meet today.”
I write a gratitude list and read inspirational stories of the Power of gratitude. The Heart Thought for the day is I Give and Recieve Gifts Graciously. I meditate on The Light and share that Light with my fellows.

I love me and that allows me to love you more.


7 thoughts on “Mirror Work: Day 19

  1. Ooh La La mustache!! Are you gonna let it grow so you can wax it and curl it up?

    You know honestly, I hate the way I look. I hate seeing pictures of myself. 😶‍🌫️😜.

    But you look pretty debonair!

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