Virtue: Wisdom

-I always have a choice, I ask for wisdom to make choices wisely

-Life is easier when we have the wisdom to know the difference between what we can change and what we cannot

-I don’t know everything

-We ask for help from people who have what we want

-I seek knowledge of God’s will for me and the power to carry it out

-Wisdom comes from experience and action

-We grow in wisdom when we cease to repeat the same mistakes over and over

-I am willing and open to be better than I am now


Prayer for the Day


I wade into Your waters with apprehension

I am in awe as I feel Your waves of Power surge

Each ripple grows with intensity and frequency

When I resist I am overwhelmed

Let me use Your momentum to carry me where I am supposed to be

I stop fighting

Teach me to use Your energy when I have none

I am under Your direction

Thank You,


Virtue: Quietness

-I don’t have to speak

-You don’t have to speak

-When we quiet the loud, familiar voice then we can hear the soft, unfamiliar voice

-Quietness gives me chance to pause and respond, rather than react on old instincts –

-No-one hears us when we shout, it has the opposite effect

-Half of a conversation is listening


Virtue: Kindness

-We treat others as we wish to be treated

-A stranger is a friend I don’t know yet

-We seek to understand

-I can be kind even when I am in a bad mood

-We don’t take our feelings out on others

-Arguments can melt away with a smile

-Kindness is contagious


Virtue: “The Next Right Thing”

-My words match my actions

-My actions match my words

-We trust are we are trustworthy

-I am the same person when no-one is watching

-I am the same person when everyone is watching

-We do the work and we are in action

-I am responsible and accountable

-Our hearts are open and we are guided by intuition

-We ask for direction and bounce our best ideas off of our supporters


Prayer for the Day


I have been a soulless mercenary, loyal to self

I worshipped more

I have fought for something that never sustained my happiness, at the expense of everyone around me

Today I have found a just, cause worthy of my energy and effort

I am Your agent

I follow Your code of love and tolerance

In You, I have found purpose and meaning

Your grace shows me I no longer have to fight

I simply must DO

Fear has become faith

I have courage and conviction

Thank You


Prayer for the Day


With self-righteous indignation I assumed that I ran alone

Relying on sheer will I lived my life like a sprint

Exhausted in a relentless race I chased myself

Now I see You have been next to me all the while

I am living a marathon and Your power gives me stamina to continue

Fuel me for this journey and keep me fit

You are the course

I am in competition with no-one least of all myself Thank You